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The popular Instagram account “Parkdale Life” has donated its 50,000 followers to the Parkdale Community Food Bank.

The story, according to an article published yesterday on the website of Now Toronto is that the owner of the page wanted to give back to the community and came up with the idea of donating the page to a worthy non profit in the neighbourhood.

One of Toronto’s most beloved Instagram accounts has handed over its handle.

As of October 31, Parkdale Life can no longer be found at @parkdalelife. After five years, the anonymous, semi-satirical neighbourhood account donated its handle and followers to the Parkdale Community Food Bank.

You can still find the full archives of Parkdale Life at @parkdalefoodbank if you scroll back, but the account is now full dedicated to the food bank. And, on Instagram at least, Parkdale Life has retired.

Parkdale Life had a variety of quirky posts documenting the neighbourhood. 

Fortunately you can still view the old posts at the “new page”:

Quirky posts at Parkdale Life instagram account
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